Library Collections

About our Collections

Collections – both physical and digital – are at the core of UBC Library’s mission. With more than nine million items in its digital and print collections, the Library is a vital support for research, learning and teaching excellence at UBC. Find out more about UBC Library’s collection strengths, partnerships, initiatives and policies. Explore our featured collections and follow UBC Library collections news.

Collection Overview

Collection Development Policies

Partnerships and Initiatives

The value of our collections is enhanced significantly by the partnerships and initiatives run through UBC Library. Scholarly communications and cooperative collecting both rely on these types of initiatives to succeed.

Scholarly Communications

UBC Library is leading a number of University-wide initiatives to enhance student learning, accelerate research, manage collections and engage with the campus community. These initiatives contribute to Scholarly Communications at the University.

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Cooperative Collecting

The Library also has a number of partnerships to offer the largest selection of resources to the UBC community. These cooperative collecting partnerships help faculty, students and staff access a large amount of research material.

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