The David Lam Library collection is intended to support research and instruction by faculty members of the Sauder School of Business.

Overview of the strengths of the existing collection

The David Lam Management Research Library, located in the Sauder School of Business at UBC, was initiated by a donation from British Columbia’s former Lieutenant-Governor Dr. David See-Chai Lam, and has been generously supported by the BC business community.

The library opened in 1985 in the Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration, and in 1993, became a branch of the UBC Library, integrating services and two unique collections. The collection encompasses over 60,000 volumes and millions of electronic articles and other documents. It covers all facets of business management and is an important resource for students and academic researchers, as well as members of the business community.

Several unique collections include:

  • the Asian Commerce collection
  • Urban Land Economics
  • International Finance
  • Sales and Marketing

Current areas of collecting

The business selector covers accounting, finance, organizational behaviour, management information systems, management science, marketing, urban land economics, transportation, international business, policy analysis, industrial relation, collective bargaining, personnel and human resource management. Special emphasis is on British Columbia, Canada, United States, Pacific Rim, European economic Community and international finance, and Canadian public companies annual reports.

Research and publishing characteristics

Volume is relatively high and the average price ranges from medium for basic monographic materials to high for more specialized materials relating to transportation and business. Conference proceedings and journals are especially important.


The Lam Library will acquire materials in various formats. Print materials may include monographs, monographic serials and reference materials such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, directories, indexes, and abstracts. The Library will also collect corporate annual reports of B.C. and Canadian companies.

Textbooks are acquired on a limited basis. Factors considered include faculty requests, required texts for core courses, number of sections, number of requests, number of requests by students received directly or through library staff, and cost. Electronic books will be collected according to the needs of the curriculum, pricing, and availability.

Subscriptions to periodicals will be acquired according to the needs of the curriculum as well as pricing, availability, and indexing.

Due to the demands on the Lam Library’s physical space, as well as the need to support programs at a distance like the part-time MBA, the Executive MBA, the IMBA, and students on exchange and internships, the Lam Library will strive to increase the amount of electronic materials, including article, analyst, company, industry, finance, market research and statistical databases, as well as electronic reference resources and electronic books. Selection will depend on hardware and software compatibility, licensing restrictions, content, ease of use, projected usage, quality, access, and pricing. Audiovisual materials will be purchased on instructor recommendations, curriculum needs and price. DVD format is preferred.

Chronological limits

Publication date

Priority is given to current material, although out-of-print materials may be collected as requested, needed,

and/or available.


Predominantly English language; some materials in Russian on the budget in Russia and the Soviet Union; highly selective coverage in German, French, Italian, Spanish.

Geographic origin

Emphasis is on North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim.


Reference sources primarily aimed at the businessperson and business directories. Collective agreements. VHS tapes.

Collections in other UBC Libraries/ Areas of overlap

Koerner Library: Economics (money and banking, labour economics, international trade and finance, industrial organization, public finance, monetarytheory, foreigh investment, transportation, land economics).

Law Library: Law relating to business, employment, land, business associations, industrial labour relations and commercial law.