Computer science


The computer science collection serves the needs of faculty and students in the Computer Science Department as well as a number of other departments across campus. These include the Mathematics Department, the Centre for Integrated Computer Systems Research (CICSR), the Computing Centre, the Remote Sensing Council, the Media and Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre (MAGIC), and the Institute of Applied Mathematics.

Overview of the strengths of the existing collection

Most publications from ACM, IEEE, and the Society for Computer Simulation are held. There is a good selection of conference proceedings. A software directory collection is in science reference. There is a standing order for NTIS fiche in this field. Current and superseded ANSI and CSA standards are held. The PATSCAN office in the UBC library has the electronic capability to search the worldwide patent literature.

Current areas of collecting

The computer science selector covers programming languages, artificial intelligence, numerical analysis, theory of computations, computer communications, distributed systems, and history of computing.

Research and publishing characteristics

Technical reports are the most important for researchers. Conference proceedings are more important than periodicals. Books go out of date; much is obsolete after five years. Preprints and electronic mail are the important ways of obtaining current information. Mathematics literature remains useful to researchers as a support. English is the predominate language.


English language.

Geographic origin

Predominantly North American and European.


Computer manuals are not collected. Very few books on specific word processing, database, or spreadsheet programs are held.

Collections in other UBC Libraries/ Areas of overlap

Computer science materials may be found in other libraries. Applications of computers to specific fields are housed with materials of those fields, for example.