Human Kinetics


The human kinetics collection primarily serves the needs of faculty and students in the School of Human Kinetics.

Current areas of collecting

The human kinetics selector covers leisure studies, instruction and coaching relating to adult and higher education, leisure and sport administration, sport governing bodies, sport studies, recreation and physical education for handicapped and disabled people of all ages, play theories and behaviour, human behaviour in sport, gender issues in sport, psychology of training and coaching, sport and society and the sociological aspects of sport, biomechanics, and the history of sport and physical education.

Research and publishing characteristics

Human kinetics has the characteristics of an applied discipline with an emphasis on journals. Volume is relatively low and the average price is medium.


English is the primary language of the collection.

Geographic origin

Worldwide (in English language) for comparative studies in leisure and sport, play theories, relationship between leisure, sport and society and the sociological aspects of sport and leisure. Otherwise predominantly North America, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand.


Sports excluded from the curriculum, such as chess, cricket, horseracing and rowing are at the basic information level, as is boxing.

Collections in other UBC Libraries/ Areas of overlap

Art, Architecture & Planning Library: Recreation facilities relating to community planning and architecture; dance choreography.

Education Library: Instruction and coaching at the preschool, elementary and primary levels, and dance for children.

Health Sciences Network: Sports medicine, kinesiology, kinetics, physiology of sport, physical growth and motor development.

Woodward Library: Recreational use of parks, forests and associated wildlands, conservation and recreation land management.