The Linguistics collection primarily serves the needs of faculty and students in the Linguistics Department.

Current areas of collecting

The linguistics selector covers linguistic theory, language acquisition, American Indian linguistics, historical and comparative linguistics, Japanese linguistics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, bilingualism, linguistic theories of translation and second language acquisition.

Research and publishing characteristics

The linguistics discipline has both pure and applied aspects, with medium volume and average price high. Emphasis is on conference proceedings, journals, working papers and dissertations. The number of principle journals is relatively low. Recordings of speech, videotapes and language data in machine readable form are also important. Informal networks are prevalent and the circulation of unpublished articles is a key source of information.


Germanic (other than English), Slavic, and Austroasian Linguistics are at basic information level. African Linguistics is virtually nonexistent.

Geographic origin

Emphasis is on North America, Europe and Asia.


Grammars are traditionally excluded.

Collections in other UBC Libraries/ Areas of overlap

Asian Library: Vernacular materials on Linguistics relating to Asian languages.

Education Library: Linguistics as it applies to the teaching of language in K -12 classrooms.

Woodward Library: Neurolinguistics and the biological foundations of language.

Xwi7xwa Library: Materials relating to First Nations languages.