The mathematics collection serves the needs of faculty and students in the Mathematics Department as well as a number of other units across campus. These include the departments of statistics, computer science, and the Institute of Applied Mathematics.

Overview of the strengths of the existing collection

Society publications such as AMS and SIAM are carried extensively.

Current areas of collecting

The mathematics selector covers pure and applied mathematics, and to a lesser extent the history of mathematics.

Research and publishing characteristics

Mathematicians rely very heavily on library materials for their work. Both books and periodicals are important, both new and old, in many languages. Preprints are important but difficult to access. Fortunately, book prices remain fairly low in this subject.


Predominantly English for monographs. For serials there is a wider language coverage with titles in French, German, and Russian as well as in some other languages.

Geographic origin

Monographs originate mostly from North America and Europe. Serials come from all over the world.

Collections in other UBC Libraries/ Areas of overlap

Education Library: Materials on mathematics education.

Koerner Library: Materials on mathematical economics and econometrics.