Mining and Mineral Process Engineering


The mining and mineral process engineering collection serves the needs of faculty and students in the Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering Department as well as a number of other departments across campus. These include the Departments of Metals and Materials Engineering and Geological Sciences, the Geological Engineering Program, and the Program in Science and Technology Management.

Overview of the strengths of the existing collection

There is a strong collection of government publications from B.C., Canada, and the U.S. in the area of mining. Society publications which are collected extensively include: MPG, CIM, CSPG, Iron and Steel Society of AIME, TMS, SEPM, Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration Inc. and the South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

Current areas of collecting

The mining and mineral process engineering selector covers (for mining:) mining economics, rock mechanics and slope stability, tunneling, computer simulation of mining operations, mine property evaluation, mine design, mining methods, drilling and blasting, mine ventilation, and mine drainage; (for mineral processing:) unit operations, process modelling and optimization, expert systems, instrumentation and computer control, flotation, effluent control and pollution prevention, coal, and precious metals.

Research and publishing characteristics

Engineers rely less on library materials than do pure scientists. Most materials utilized are in English, but many engineering materials come from Japan, the former Soviet Union, and Western Europe. Books are important for background material and as handbooks. Periodicals both old and new are important. The number of periodical titles is proliferating. Professional societies provide the core of the literature and can present problems for acquisitions. Patents, standards, and technical reports are important. Conference proceedings are gaining in importance. Government publications on mining are essential sources.


Predominantly English.

Geographic origin

Predominantly North America and Europe; selectively from other places.


Very few publications from the Society of Petroleum Engineers of AIME are collected. In general, petroleum engineering is a weak area. Industrial reviews are not ordered.