Women’s Studies


The women’s studies collection serves the needs of faculty and students in the Women’s Studies Department as well as a number of other departments across campus.

Current areas of collecting

The women’s studies selector covers women’s studies in literature, sport, film, antiquity, education, and the changing roles of women in the Third World and in Western economic and urban development;

Research and publishing characteristics

Both pure and applied aspects. Both require all types of publication, including conference proceedings, journals, newspapers, government documents, retrospective materials, some foreign language materials, ephemera, film, video, creative writing, and some popular materials. Volume and price are both in the medium range.

Special emphasis is on feminist theory and approach, and women’s studies relating to Native Indians in Canada and to Pacific Rim countries.


Predominantly in the English language and in French for French feminist theorists; selectively in other major European languages.

Geographic origin

North America, Europe, Third World, Pacific Rim countries.

Collections in other UBC Libraries/ Areas of overlap

Asian Library: Vernacular materials in all formats. Emphasis is given to contemporary issues and developments (e.g. prostitution in Japan, women as authors in Japan).

Law Library: Asian law collection includes vernacular materials.

Rare Books and Special Collections: Erotica and pornography source material.