E-preferred Monographs Acquisitions Policy

Policy No.: 5


Approval Date: September 19, 2013

Last Revision: September 19, 2013

Responsible Executive: Associate University Librarian, Collections

Title: E-preferred Monographs Acquisitions Policy


Background & Purposes

UBC Library purchases monographs (i.e. books) that support the teaching and research interests of the University of British Columbia. Electronic books (e-books) are the preferred format because they offer convenient 24/7 access to content, irrespective of location and often to multiple users simultaneously. From an organizational perspective, e-books save space and are protected against physical damage or theft.



This policy applies to the acquisition of electronic books (e-books) which are books in digital format, accessed either online via the Internet or on a mobile device.


Governing Principles

UBC Library prefers to purchase books in electronic format (versus print) when appropriate. In selecting an e-book, the following criteria are desirable.

1)    Multiple users can access the content simultaneously.

2)    Users can copy, print and download content with minimal restrictions.

3)    Content is owned versus leased by the Library.

4)    Titles can be purchased individually or as part of a package.

5)    Cost of the e-book is not prohibitively expensive when compared to the print version.

6)    Publishers/aggregators provide records to improve discovery of content.

7)    Content is available beyond the UBC community to walk-in users or through resource sharing agreements.


Exceptions to the E-preferred Policy:

1)    There is no electronic version available.

2)    The print format is preferred by the learner or researcher.

3)    The content is better suited to the print format.

4)    The content is part of a special print collection.

5)    UBC Library has an institutional focus in the subject area, and long-term preservation is a concern.

Please note that the UBC Library does not generally purchase a title in both print and electronic formats. See the Duplicates Policy #3 for exceptions.